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Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby's(notes) new Reebok commercial allegedly debuted on ESPN Monday night, according to the New York Times' Media Decoder blog. Since we were busy scanning ESPN Classic for AWA Wrestling or Stump The Schwab reruns, we'll take their word for it.

Here's Sid, pimping the ZigTech shoe that was previously advertised by Chad Ochocinco of "Dancing With The Stars":

From Media Decoder:

The Crosby spot is in the same style as Mr. Ochocinco's, showing a pulsating red line drawing of Mr. Crosby that comes to life and pursues frenetic athletic activity. The spot ends with the line drawing transforming into the actual Mr. Crosby. Both spots conclude with the pitch that ZigTech is "the energy drink for your feet."

(Could Red Bull be readying a spot calling itself "the sneakers for your mouth"?)

The spot with Mr. Ochocinco mixed in some elements of his personal life along with his football prowess, like his love of cheesburgers and his penchant for using Twitter. Mr. Crosby seems more focused on his sport; his line drawing is composed of pucks, ice and the Stanley Cup.

Nothing significant from Crosby's personal life, you say? How completely and utterly expected.

Richard Prenderville, vice president for global brand marketing at the Reebok unit of Adidas (exhale), tells the Times that there's also an Alex Ovechkin(notes) ZigTech spot that'll be shown in the U.S. and Russia ... one we imagine will feature a pulsating red line that forms a murdered out sports car, the Hart Trophy and Brian Campbell's(notes) shattered clavicle.

We also can't wait to hear Ovechkin uttering the tagline "the energy drink for your feet" in OviSpeak, which will be grand. That's on a "BRAWNDO, it's got what plants crave" level of ad copy absurdity. For example, do my Reeboks eventually crash, leaving me face down on my laptop in a pool of my own saliva? If I step in a puddle of vodka, will a bartender from the club run over and charge me $12? So many questions ...

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