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The San Jose Sharks continue to produce new clips for the most ingenious ad campaign this side of the Boston Bruins' "what not to do" bear, with their "[Insert Player Name] is a lousy [Insert Profession], but he's a great hockey player" campaign.

The latest: Winger Devin Setoguchi(notes), whose acting muse seems to be one part Keanu Reeves and one part that guy who works at the bank and does community theater on the weekends. He is, indeed, a lousy lawyer:

We certainly rank this performance behind those of Patrick Marleau(notes) as a fortune teller, with his "aw shucks" comedic timing and the way he seems to be checking the ripeness of grapefruit before conjuring the spirit; Joe Pavelski's(notes) Chaplin-esque silent comedy as a detective; and the instant classic that was Joe Thornton(notes) and Slappy the dummy.

It's about even with Dan Boyle(notes) as a lousy weatherman, and way ahead of Ryane Clowe's(notes) performance as a lousy waiter, as Clowe manages to do the impossible and nearly screw up his only line of the commercial.

We love these ads, but honestly, Sharks: How long are we going to have to wait until you get around to "Douglas Murray is a lousy Swedish chef?"

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