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Earlier this year, we reported on a little experiment being run by Dan Le Batard's talk show on 790 The Ticket in Miami in which callers would suggest pop culture references that Florida Panthers play-by-play voice Randy Moller would use in his bellowing goal calls.

The gimmick led to some widespread media attention for Moller and a cult of followers on YouTube. Since pop culture hasn't died (despite the best efforts of TBS original programming), there's always fodder for more Moller magic; and courtesy of Schuyler Baehman of the NHL comes Randy Moller Goal Calls, Episode III:

For these scoring at home, we have:

• The Leave Britney Alone YouTube meme.
• Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot."
• "In Living Color's" Homey the Clown
• Hannibal Lecter (hilariously leaving out the fava beans.)
• Kanye West at the VMAs.
• Billy from "Predator".
• NBA player Mike Bibby's "floppin'".
• Rex Kwon Do from "Napoleon Dynamite".
Obscure 'SNL' sketch featuring Alec Baldwin. (What, no Canteen Boy?)
• Jesse Ventura from "Predator".
• The pink eye revelation from "Knocked Up". (Winner.)
• Former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron's thumb.
• And, quite wonderfully, "Goodfellas".

We eagerly anticipate Episode IV, and once again request more famous ad campaign slogans. Oh, and less "Predator"; everyone knows "Total Recall" is a plethora of comedy gold.

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