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The assorted tomfoolery continues between Pittsburgh Penguins fans and Philadelphia Flyers fanatics over the desecration of assorted landmarks in their respective cities. Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Horses put out a hit list of other Philadelphia targets for Penguins fans to hit with shirts, jerseys and digital cameras. The Pensblog published photos of a few competed missions, including this assault on the Robert Indiana "LOVE" sculpture.

But the epicenter of this battle continues to be the Rocky Balboa statue, which Penguins fans gleefully defaced even after a Philadelphia radio station attempted to protect it with a bodyguard. This silly attempt at hexing the Flyers has even started its own fashion trend: The image here is from a T-shirt currently being sold by Moewampum.com, which is also the producer of the "Avery Rule" shirts.

But there have been so many attempts at draping The Italian Stallion with Penguins schwag that some fans want credit where it's due. This weekend, we received an e-mail from a reader who claimed he and his boys were the "original guys" to hit the Rocky statue before the series, and provided this YouTubage as evidence:

It should be noted that they also ominously wrote "there is more to come against philly." Honestly, what else could these Penguins fans have in mind? You don't think ... nah.

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