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Typically, behind-the-net goals that find their way onto YouTube are some variation of the legendary Mike Legg lacrosse-style shot for the Michigan Wolverines back in 1996.

Oscar Milton, a 17-year-old center for Almtuna J20 in Sweden, didn't settle for imitation and went for the innovation in scoring an amazing goal: Lifting the puck onto his blade and tossing it off the back of the goaltender's mask in a game against Nacka of Stockholm.

The slow-mo replay of this goal, which was recently added to YouTube, really captures what makes it an instant classic; well, that and the mini pile-on by his teammates after the tally. No wonder it was a goal of the year.

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We imagine this is the waking nightmare of every goalie that thinks they have all of their angles covered. That's because you can close a 5-hole, you can dive across an empty night, but only chaos theory can stop a puck off the back of the noggin.

[Video: Young player kicks 95-yard soccer goal]

s/t to Puck Buddy Ronnie Johansson and Hockey Hub. Puck Previews will return on Friday.

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