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We knew the following hockey fight video was going to be a classic when a goalie skated into the middle of a massive brawl and unleashed a two-handed stick chop on an opponent's leg. The clip's reputation was cemented later when, in a fleeting moment, a player becomes "third man in" on another fight by taking his stick and slamming it down on an opponent's back several times as he wrestles on the ice.

Some fights play out like a scene from "Slap Shot." This one plays like an outtake from some hockey-centric remake of "300."

One NSFW warning: Whoever created this ancient clip used an unprintable W.A.S.P. song as the theme music. Not to say that it doesn't fit this mayhem perfectly:

Here's the pisser about YouTube clips: You find something extraordinary, you yearn for some context for what you just witnessed, and the only background the user gives you is "very old icehockey fight." No kiddin' ...

We reached out to David Singer, the man behind that bastion of puck pugilism HockeyFights.com for any information on this brawl. He couldn't ID the league or the teams, but speculated that it's "either Euro or super-low NA hockey."

Any ideas where this video originated, toss'em in the comments. And what the hell was with the guy in the lab coat and the blue jeans at the end of the clip?

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