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If you're like us and watched the NHL Awards on Versus last week, then you saw another fine moment in hockey on American television.

The network's simulcast of CBC's coverage began not with scenes from the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, but with scenes from "Coronation Street," the long-running British soap opera. Oops. So for a few moments, Versus became the buck hunting, cage fighting and bisexual love triangle channel.

The soap ended, and then we were treated to coverage of the NHL Draft courtesy of TSN; which really wasn't all that exciting when we saw it back on April 7 and hasn't aged all that well. The worst part about this second screw-up was that we didn't even get to see the actual lottery, depriving us of the chance to win any money from our dimwitted, out-of-the-loop friends by "predicting" the winner.

By joining the action several minutes late, Versus didn't bring U.S. hockey fans the following footage: Some small talk with the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings on the red carpet, and a concert appearance by none other than Stompin' Tom Connors, singing "The Hockey Song." His performance of the arena classic begins around the 1:40 mark:

Are we the only ones that scream "like bumblebees!" during this tune?

So would this be a suitable replacement for HNIC's theme song, or should the CBC go ahead with its Simon Cowell-esque song contest? Better question: Would that switch be as sacrilegious as replacing the theme song to "Wheel of Fortune" with "For the Love of Money" by the O'Jays?

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