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Not sure if the makers of this Capital One commercial are puckheads, but the image of Alex Ovechkin(notes) carrying a giant weight on his back is, like, a Don Draper level of subtext for anyone tangentially familiar with the Washington Capitals' recent playoff history.

Here's Ovie and new BFF Donovan McNabb of the Washington Redskins in an ad that debuted locally in D.C. over the weekend, exhibiting a level of acting prowess not witnessed since Colby Armstrong and Max Talbot entered an auto dealership:

"Capital One Bank ... they're ev-er-ee-where!" We heard the original concept had Ovechkin dodging giant thumbtacks in his murdered out sweet ride while going 165 mph past the White House. Stupid, no good, lousy insurance costs...

This is, of course, the second commercial collision between Ovechkin and the Washington Redskins, after this one for Easterns Automotive Group in 2009:

We'd venture to say Ovechkin's improving as an actor. Or maybe McNabb just made him look better than Chris Cooley did. Incidentally, Alex Semin was supposed to help Ovechkin move McNabb in, but heard the Canadiens might be there so he didn't show up. 

Stick-tap to the Bog.

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