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There are plenty of reasons to adore "How I Met Your Mother," the CBS sitcom that makes its fifth season premiere on Monday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m.

There is the unstoppable comedic powers of Neil Patrick Harris. There's the stunning Cobie Smulders wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys. There's the way the show ping-pongs through flashbacks to hilarious comedic effect. And there's the stunning Cobie Smulders wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys. There's a wonderful ensemble that includes Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan and Josh Radnor. Did we mention Cobie Smulders wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys, and the stunning part?

Hockey once again plays a role in the season premiere of "HIMYM," which would be the funniest sitcom on Monday nights were it not for this man. Please recall that Robin (the aforementioned Cobie Smulders) and Barney (the wonder that is NPH) finally took the leap to couples-ville at the end of Season 4.

Now, they're doing everything they can to avoid "The Talk" that will define the commitment-phobes as boyfriend and girlfriend. As you'll see in this clip, that complicates things when Robin's at a New York Rangers game with another dude and the Kiss-Cam appears. You'll also see that Doogie probably has never thrown a punch before. Ever.

Have you ever been in an arena where they simply started chanting "kiss, kiss" during the Kiss-Cam? C'mon, it's supposed to be the Garden -- the minute Robin hits the Jumbotron it's going to sound like the audience when Kelly Bundy walked out on the "Married With Children" set.

Coming up, a second clip from the premiere that, in true "HIMYM" fashion, isn't in chronological order with the one above.

Smulders gave an interview to the Canucks Web site about being a Canadian hockey fan both in real life and on television, including this nugget about why hockey equals romance:

"I love dates at hockey games," said Smulders. "I think dates should be an adventure, something fun. My first date with my [boyfriend actor Taran Killam], we went to play mini golf. You have to have an activity. That is the best way to do it.

"If the date sucks, at least you went to a hockey game."

Ladies and gents, via the Canucks, it's stunning Cobie Smulders taunting Darcy Hordichuk(notes) and implementing the term "beer hole."

Tremendous. And holding a beer, no less.

Thanks to the NHL and 20th Century Fox Television for the clippage. All rights reserved by 20th Century Fox Television.

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