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We're not inclined to believe that moving images and visual media should be blamed as catalysts for violent behavior. That said, would it shock anyone if this young man had a few Chris Simon clips saved on his hard drive?

Wow ... just, wow.

No. 15 in white, our hero, actually attempted a one-handed chop to the head while his target was getting up off the ice. He missed, and then took a full baseball swing to the kid's helmet. Good job by our hero's teammate to skate him away from the fray. It's actually incredible that this thing didn't escalate.

Not sure where or when the clip above occurs; but considering this open-ice check is the other video uploaded by the same user (video), we really need to find out. Searching for "Bobby Clarke Youth Hockey" got us nowhere.

So yesterday we had that Pee-Wee line brawl at the end of the Puck Headlines, and today we have a stick to the head. At this rate, we should have a YouTube clip of a youth hockey player ripping his opponent's heart out Mola Ram-style by January.

UPDATE (12:07 p.m. EDT): Not since the Bettman Art Contest have we been this deeply in love with the Puck Daddy readership. Via the comments, we now believe this incident took place at The Ice Castle Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa., and during the Pittsburgh Fall Classic tournament that featured the Carolina Jr. Hurricanes (.pdf). Thanks to everyone who pieced this together. The new mission: Finding out if the kid who got clocked is named either "Ryan" or "Hollweg."

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