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The following clip features two youth hockey teams from Kazakhstan in the handshake line, that grand tradition of hockey sportsmanship in which players congratulate each other on a battle well-fought and then call it a game.

That is, until a player from the winning team, Astana, says the wrong thing to the captain of the losing team, Burabay ... who then skates through the line and goes after the taunter, sparking a massive brawl. Between 9-year-old players. Oh, hockey.

Sorry, is that cheering we hear at the end of the team-on-team fight after the game? Kazakhstan: No. 1 exporter of potassium and appreciator of youth hockey brawls.

Kudos to the coaches and officials that squashed this thing rather quickly, because there's always a chance things get out of hand. Just another reason why Kazakhstan isn't Russia:

That brawl was from Jan. 2010: "As a result - 707 minutes of penalty. Truly a rare record the NHL not always witness."

Still can't get over the goalie kick at around the 1:15 mark …

s/t to Yardbarker for the latest fight vid, via @PuckCentral.

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