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It's pretty neat that the New York Times has a crossword puzzle blog; though, admittedly, it would have been a torturous delight if you needed to solve 500 clues just to read a single post.

Wordplay's Patrick Merrell recently challenged Doug Weight(notes), Jack Hillen(notes) and Andrew MacDonald(notes) of the New York Islanders to a crossword throwdown at Nassau Coliseum. The results were filmed by Islanders TV, as their three brains combined couldn't take down this Poindexter:

67. Across: Emotional Shame (13 letters) ...

From Wordplay:

Solving crosswords is something they do fairly often, and often before a game to relax. We met in the team's lunchroom, windowless and chilly from the nearby rink, to tackle a 1998 Monday puzzle written by Mr. Piscop, a Long Island native.  (PDF, Across Lite, Solution). It was a low-key battle, alternating between silent mulling and friendly bantering.

Well, there's your problem: The Islanders needed to chirp this guy. "You think that's 12 Down? You got nuthin', clownshoes. Google me."

Question of the Day for the Puck Daddy readership: If you could play any word game or board game with an NHL team, which game and which team and why?

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