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We know there is a lot of professional wrestling fans (and a few professional wrestlers) in the Puck Daddy readership.

Normally, we're not ones to publish shameless plugs for upcoming films (unless they involve Romany Malco talking about "real, rugged, model-looking type guys" in NHL locker rooms), but we hereby make an exception for four-time world champion John Cena of the WWE.

Cena, who previously starred in "The Marine," has a new film coming out called "12 Rounds" which looks one Sam Jackson away from being "Die Hard With a Vengeance" with its villainous tasking of the hero. To help promote the movie, he teamed up with Matt Greene and Raitis Ivanans of the Los Angeles Kings for a skit that makes your typical backstage wrestling interview look like Shakespeare in the park.

Which is to say it's giggle-worthy:

Three thoughts:

• Didja ever notice (/Andy Rooney) the way wrestling interviews are filmed vs. how hockey interviews are filmed? Would the 100th variation of "we've got to step is up and play our game" from Jonathan Toews seem more exciting if the camera was constantly moving?

• When will the NHL just admit that the fan base it seeks to cultivate is watching MMA and professional wrestling? The Rock 'N Wrestling Connection put Capt. Lou Albano on MTV; if the Hock 'N Wrestling Connection puts Chris Pronger in a battle royal, then everybody wins.

• For the record, anyone who purchases a "Cena 1" Kings sweater is not committing a Jersey Foul. It's clever and Cena has hockey cred, what with Rick DiPietro admitting that he's a Cena fan "for life." (Cena reportedly said he's a DiPietro fan "when healthy." Kidding ... or are we?)

H/T to Life In Hockeywood and the Kings.

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