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The following French-language clip features Guillaume Latendresse(notes) of the Minnesota Wild taking part in a televised hypnotism experiment, which is rather appropriate for a franchise that lulled fans to sleep for about a decade.

What you'll see: The hypnotist raising the former Montreal Canadiens forward's heart rate by suggesting he's playing in the finals; and then convincing him that his left and right skates are reversed, and that he has no idea how to tie them. Also, according to JT Utah, you'll see lovely pop singer Annie Villeneuve, Latendresse's lady-friend, who is a welcome addition: 

Since we learned most of our French from Inspector Clouseau films, we turned to Puck Daddy's Unofficial French-to-English Translation Liaison Mary Rice to figure out what the hell we were looking at here:

"The first part of the video, the hypnotist tells Latendresse that he is going to hook him up to a cardiac monitor. This is done so that hypnotist can demonstrate that through the power of hypnotism/persuasion, the hypnotist can cause an increase in Latendresse's heartrate. He then hypnotizes Latendresse. After he has hypnotized Latendresse, he then hypnotizes the host because the host does not believe in what he is doing.

"After a few moments he persuades Latendresse into believing he is playing in a hockey game, to demonstrate that he can increase Latendresse's heart rate. The Hypnotist says the following to Latendresse: 'You are in a playoff game, on the ice, you see everything, you are skating faster and faster.' As the hypnotist says this, his heart rate increases.

"He then wakes up Latendresse and then re-hypnotizes him. In the second situation, he successfully convinces Latendresse to wear his right skate on his left foot and his left skate on his right."

NHL Network, if you're reading this: "Hockey Hypnotic" would pretty much be the highest-rated show on cable television. Like, "SpongeBob" big. Who wouldn't want to see Zdeno Chara(notes) convinced he's a rooster, or Daniel Carcillo(notes) convinced he's an British newspaper boy, or Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) convinced that he'll play until he's 42?

Stick-tap to 25Stanley.com and JT Utah. And thanks to Mary Rice.

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