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As a shootout attempt, this one from an NCAA game last weekend isn't anything spectacular: Western Michigan defenseman Dennis Brown delaying his shot until he's completely faked out Ohio State goalie Cal Heeter, and then tucking the puck into an open net.

That said, we're suckers for two things here: The ice-level camera angle that captures the shootout attempt and the reactions from both Brown and Heeter after the goal in the background and the foreground, as the crowd goes wild.

Interesting note about this clip from the game, which Ohio State won, 3-2. Teddy Newton from the CCHA checks in:

This video is a product of a new program we started at the CCHA called Student Ambassadors. Through our member school athletic departments, we were able to find students that have a passion for hockey and video work. They take their Flip Cams to games, capture footage like this, and upload it to a file sharing site of ours. From there we edit the video and throw it up on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. The camera credit on this one goes to Western Michigan's Robert Youngs, Jr.

Cool stuff that could really change the way NCAA hockey clips find their way into the viral video realm.

Speaking of unique camera angles, check out a good piece by Rick Moldovanyi over on Houses of the Hockey about innovations in coverage on TV and the challenges in trying to integrate them effectively (like the aerial cameras at the Winter Classic).

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