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Belly full of an incalculable amount of leftover candy? Hastily purchased costume resealed into its store packaging for a fruitless attempt at a refund? Still attempting to un-see that Clint Malarchuk outfit we published over the weekend?

Perhaps you've looked at the calendar, saw "Nov. 1" and figured Halloween was over. Oh, not quite: You still haven't seen The Schweinekoteletts perform the dance sequence from "Thriller" at the Glacier Ice Rink, Missoula, Mont., at a Halloween hockey tournament (dance featured in first 1:45):

Eat your hearts out, Philippine prisoners. And please don't take that literally.

Now you can consider Halloween over ... after answering these questions three: Best costume you saw this weekend? What candy did you give out at your house? And outside of Alex Ovechkin(notes) and Mike Ricci, the NHL player whose face would make the best Halloween mask?

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