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Not exactly the happiest of times for New York Islanders fans. They've won once in 18 games (1-14-3) since Oct. 21. They've fired a coach during an injury-plagued season. Larry Brooks of the NY Post went so far as to ask that the NHL take over team in a "state of emergency" rescue plan.

Celebrity Islanders fan Gregg "Opie" Hughes of XM Radio's "Opie and Anthony Show" has decided to express his anger and frustration with the team by literally throwing his season tickets out the window rather than suffer through a game:

That was last month; now, Opie's tossing his tix in the Hudson River (PG-13 language warning).

OK, so it's no Sex For Sam on the shocking stunt scale, but it's still a strong statement that this fan has had enough with the Islanders' mismanagement.

Opie's also being rather kind, considering the alternatives. Like gathering up some of the Homeless Shopping Spree participants and giving them free tickets plus transportation to the game. Or handing the tickets to others on the O&A show, leading to Lil' Jimmy Norton harassing the Islanders Ice Girls for 60 minutes.

So what's the next ticket disposal site? Any suggestions for Opie? Top of a skyscraper maybe?

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