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Here at Puck Daddy, we're blessed with a substantial and loyal female readership. That said: Give us a moment here ladies.

Fellow fellas: Please don't throw your computer or mobile web-browsing device against the wall in unbridled rage as you watch this lovely young lady torment the Philadelphia Flyers fan in her life by using a universal remote to turn the TV on and off during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Warning: NSFW bleeped language, as if you couldn't have predicted that from the setup.

The video is from "Prank vs. Prank," a website that features this duo in their unending match of wits. It appears to be the love child of "Kenny vs. Spenny" and "Jersey Shore" ... so, yeah, bookmarked. How about you?

This video was like torture porn, like the puppet from "Saw" hired his hot niece to push a puckhead into complete agony. Knowing it's part of a bit they do obviously makes you weary about the authenticity of the thing, and in fact Leahy believes it's a viral ad for Bose, based on the opening. 

Real, fake, it doesn't matter when our hero takes an accusatory tone and says:

"It's your fault they lost."

Ladies and gentlemen, how cathartic was that? Haven't we all been there with some non-hockey fan diminishing our passions or emotions during the most critical junctures of the season?

This was perhaps the greatest proclamation of exasperation since, "You used up all the glue on purpose!" Which, of course, was from a fictional movie based on nuggets of true life that resonated with the audience. Sort of like this. 

Thanks to Mike S. for the video.

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