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This was our fear in the Great Toronto Flying Waffle Protest of 2010: escalation.

On Dec. 9, a disgruntled Toronto Maple Leafs fan tossed waffles on the ice after their loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, protesting the team's misfortune this season (and giving the Canucks Green Men rich comedic fodder).

The self-proclaimed Waffle Man said he would strike again and encouraged other Leafs fans to become breakfast-hurling vigilantes at Leafs home games.

In Monday night's 6-3 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers, more waffles were thrown from the stands onto the ice ... only this time, it was during play in the third period. From the National Post:

Toronto was trailing 5-1 midway through the third period when head coach Ron Wilson was serenaded with chants of "Fire Wilson." Moments later one frustrated fan decided to throw waffles on the ice during play, forcing the officiating crew to halt play.

Indeed, the waffles were tossed by a soon-to-be-ejected Leafs fan while Phil Kessel(notes) was stickhandling into the offensive zone; which, we imagine, probably wasn't a coincidence if this was supposed to be another moment of fan protest:

"The waffles are on the ice again ... whatever that means." We'll take "Things We Never Expected To Hear On a Professional Hockey Television Broadcast in 2010" for $100 please, Alex ...

We generally support any type of fan protest when the franchise has been as frustrating, inept and haughty as the Leafs have been. But tossing anything on the ice during the course of play, and near a player skating with some velocity, is counterproductive and more than a little perilous. From Pension Plan Puppets:

I wish the fan had waited for this attack to finish before launching a box of eggos. He got tossed but the Leafs responded with two goals. Coincidence? Maybe fans should shower the Leafs in waffles before every game.

That's the spirit: Make it like a Teddy Bear Toss of toaster treats.

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