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Fake Henrik Zetterberg is the web series created by Greg DeLiso and Jacob Hawkins that takes the premise of their hilarious Zetterberg bathroom routine clip from 2009 and expands it into an "Office Space"-esque comedy series featuring the faux Detroit Red Wings player.

Episode 1 was a lot of setup, as we meet the cute girl in the office Hank's crushing on and the scarf-wearing office rival she's dating. Episode 2 was just released today and … well, this is more like it. Here are Fake Henrik Zetterberg(notes) and Fake Dikembe Mutombo discussing life, love, doughnuts and one great little Atlanta Thrashers joke.

If Fake Dikembe looks familiar, it's because you watch "30 Rock" — that's Kevin "Dot Com" Brown, a member of Tracy Morgan's entourage.

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