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Puck Daddy reader Derrick Widmark sent the following note Monday night after the Phoenix Coyotes' 3-0 win over the Colorado Avalanche:

"As Cody McLeod(notes) was being sent off after his fighting major (against Derek Morris(notes)) at the end of the Avs/Yotes game, he was yapping with the Phoenix bench.

"Eric Belanger stood up and give him the herky-jerky pelvic thrust salute.

"Fox Sports Arizona didn't show it again on the replay, but it was quite distinct at the time."

This sounded like a job for the crack investigative staff here at Puck Daddy, which DVR'd the game overnight and then fast-forwarded to the end poured over hours of footage to find the incident in question.

Here's what we found:

Some may have seen a pelvic thrust, and that's where the move started; but we think it's more like a gorilla dance. Watch the replay, say "ooh-ooh-aah-ahh!" during the taunt and you'll smell what we're cooking.

It's understandable that Derrick believed he saw what he saw given the taunting climate in today's NHL. Oh, James Wisniewski, what have you wrought?

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