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It goes without saying that hockey players have an emotional attachment to their equipment. But upon witnessing Pittsburgh Penguins forward Tyler Kennedy treating his lumber like a popsicle on the bench, that emotional attachment can clearly manifest itself in truly strange ways. God bless DVRs:

"We're witnessing Tyler Kennedy licking his stick" is, perhaps, the single greatest opening line to a YouTube video we've ever heard. Dickens wishes he had written poetry like this.

Now, playing Encyclopedia Brown for a moment here: This is obviously a Penguins road game, and Kennedy's last four games have all been on the road. But the video was posted on March 6, Sidney Crosby's on the bench and there's an ad for York indoor air conditioning ... which means this is likely from the Penguins' game against the Florida Panthers from March 5 -- a game that saw Kennedy score two goals.

If this is in fact from the Florida game, then the only question is whether this lick was the "please" or the "thank you."

OK, so that's not the only question. Not by a long shot.

For the hockey players in the readership: Have any of you ever licked your stick on the bench? And, overall, what was your most extreme example of personal attachment to skates, sticks or other equipment? Speaking to them away from the ice? Sleeping next to them? Voodoo ceremonies?

Thanks to Puck Buddy Amanda for the tip.

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