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The Los Angeles Kings defeated the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night, 2-0, tying the Dallas Stars in points and moving to 3-0-1 under new coach Darryl Sutter.

So there was much rejoicing; in Drew Doughty's case, euphoria manifested itself in a rather, uh, personal way with teammate Jarret Stoll, whom Doughty apparently mistook for a running toilet:

Hell of a secret handshake the Kings are working with this season. Although as victory celebrations go, we're still more partial to the "Bang Bang" dance in Colorado from last season.

Are the Kings about to have a Ken Hitchcock-ian resurgence under Sutter? Eric Cooney evaluates the first four games under the new boss:

-The Kings do appear to be getting more scoring chances.  Where the Kings under Murray had devolved into "Dump and Chase Hell", under Sutter they enter faster and shoot sooner.

-Forwards tend to carry the puck into the attacking zone more often, rather than dumping it from center ice.

-The Kings seem to have addressed the vexing habit of always looking for the perfect pass.  A lot more shots, even if they are low percentage BUT they appear to be creating more rebounds.

Their offensive failures helped send Murray packing, and there was some concern about how Sutter would turn that around as a more defense-oriented coach. Sounds like he's made a positive impact so far.

s/t reader Michael Litwin for the video and, we presume, the giggles.

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