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If there's three things we love, it's The Lonely Island's gleefully profane rap anthem "I'm On a Boat"; hockey players wearing costumes and lip-syncing to songs around the arena, ala the Belfast Giants' Christmas classic; and making a positive impact in the lives of children. 

So, basically, we love the ECHL Cincinnati Cyclones' "I'm On The Clones," which seeks to raise awareness for Hockey Players for Kids with an inspired and ridiculous music video.

Check out what will undoubtedly be their anthem during the Clones' pursuit of the Kelly Cup. What it lacks in T-Pain, it makes up for in a mascot sliding across the ice on his head.

"I take showers with the boys, everybody?" Well OK then.

From the Cyclones:

I'm on the 'Clones" is the brainchild of Cincinnati Cyclones forward and Hockey Players for Kids member Scott Lehman(notes), who wanted to help raise awareness for the charity. With the help of director Bryan Houston, Paige E. Malott, and their talented crew, Lehman and several Cyclones players recorded the first official music video in team history.

Hockey Players for Kids (HP4K) is an all-volunteer organization harnessing the leadership of exceptional people playing professional hockey in communities around the world in order to positively impact the lives of children. The song was performed by "The Beauticians."

Check out more about HP4K, an organization that counts Jeff Halpern(notes) as one of its board members.

Attention, rest of the hockey teams in the world: Please follow the path blazed by the Belfast Giants and Cincinnati Cyclones and create an awkward, goofy music video of your own. And yes, we're looking at you, Avangard Omsk.

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