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(UPDATE: The AP reported Saturday that the girl's been located, she apologized and offered to pay for the damage,)

On Thursday evening, Deadspin posted a video featuring what the site determined was an inebriated young lady wearing a Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic(notes) T-shirt, kicking a hole in a pillar inside a TD Garden ladies' bathroom. (Video via Barstool Sports.)

As apparently no one associated with this video is capable of making a good decision, the kicker's face is clearly visible on the viral clip, and Bruins arena officials would like a word with her about destruction of property. From The Boston Globe:

Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said building officials found the damage after last Saturday night's game against the St. Louis Blues. In the video, a woman in a Milan Lucic T-shirt, whose face can be clearly seen, kicks a hole in a support pillar. Then she falls down.

As much as swift justice against this unruly customer may act as a deterrent, the Bruins clearly needed to send a stronger message about fan behavior in the bathroom. So they commissioned a new commercial with the Bruins Bear to do what he does best: enforce the rules.

As we've written before here: Every team in the NHL should bow down to the marketing prowess and edgy hipness of the Boston Bruins. They've turned a crime committed in their arena into a viral video response that fits within their larger commercial campaign. You just don't see that in sports marketing; to put it in Deadspin terms, it's not as if the Minnesota Vikings are having a cell phones and hot dogs night at the stadium.

Bold move by the B's. OK, not as bold as posting a video of your friend kicking through a bathroom pillar. But bold nonetheless.

Stick-tap to Puck Buddy Jeff Israel for the story and Barstool Sports for the initial fan video.

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