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Depending on which source you believe, "Free Candy" is a reference to "a hard hit in hockey by Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik."

Or, perhaps, it's a reference to "a running joke at The Pensblog is that they think that Brooks Orpik looks like a child molester and they call him the candy man and throw his picture up inside of a van with 'free candy' on the side of it."

In which case, it's both par for the course for our friends at The Pensblog, as well as just a little, "yikes, get me Chris Hansen on the phone, stat."

Orpik is a rather beloved player in Pittsburgh at this point, especially since he's one of the few who decided to re-sign with the team rather than drink the Koules-Aid or join the dark side of the Force.

In fact, should Darryl Sydor continue to tumble down the depth chart, Orpik could be an alternate captain next season.

So it's only natural that Brooks would be given a well-produced tribute montage that not only celebrates "Free Candy" but includes footage of "The Shift" from the Stanley Cup finals ... all to the tune of the classic tune "The Candy Man," of course:

Brilliant. "Free Candy" went from a fan-inspired catchphrase to a part of Orpik's unofficial biography when Jarkko Ruutu made a reference to it in a postgame interview (video). But that still isn't good enough for those fascists at Wikipedia, who refused to add "Free Candy" as a nickname for Orpik on his Wiki page.

We find the Wikipedia pronouncement that "a blog isn't a good source for a nickname" rather offensive. Seriously, a day doesn't go by that someone doesn't call Chris Pronger a dillweed.

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