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There's only so much hockey battle damage women will consider attractive. We're all familiar with the classic sports cliché that chicks dig scars. A shiner like the one Max Talbot earned in his fight yesterday is a badge of honor. Missing teeth have their goofy charms.

But judging from the female fans behind the Chicago Blackhawks bench in this clip from Game 5 against the Calgary Flames, mangled fingers aren't a turn-on. Defenseman Matt Walker blocked a Dion Phaneuf shot in the first period, and for a few moments you could have used his hand as a coat rack:

Because he's a hockey player, Walker returned to the game and blocked another shot in the third period. Goodness.

Phaneuf, incidentally, is being called "day-to-day" by Flames Coach Mike Keenan ahead of Monday's Game 6 in Calgary. He was knocked out of Saturday's Game 5 after a third-period, helmet-on-helmet hit with Troy Brouwer.

(H/T to Puck Buddy Brian S. for the clip.)

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