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Sure it's the end of July, but it's never too early to start thinking about Halloween. There have been some memorable parties hosted by NHL teams over the past few seasons.

Unfortunately, no photographic evidence exists from the Edmonton Oilers' party from this past season, but the fact that Andrew Cogliano(notes) went as Dany Heatley(notes) and Dustin Penner(notes) dressed up as "No-Trade Clause", gives them the leg up in any future debate over choice of Halloween costumes. (Both players, you'll remember, were in the deal that would have sent the now Sharks forward to the Oilers before Heatley was nixed.)

How could we forget the Montreal Canadiens' party a few seasons back with a 1970's theme and Mike Ribeiro(notes) dressed as either Elvis or Disco Stu. (Is Sheldon Souray(notes) in blackface in that video?)

Back when the NHL was on ESPN and NHL2Nite ruled the world, there were no Halloween parties to know about, so Barry Melrose did his best to spread the gospel of hockey on to visiting trick-or-treaters while wearing a paper plate on his head and dressed in a Rob Ray Buffalo Sabres jersey:

We're a little uncomfortable watching Melrose's transformation from lame old guy with no candy to give out to semi-lame old guy handing out hockey cards to serious creeper status trying to connect with the poor kid wearing the Los Angeles Kings shirt.

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