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As public service announcements by NHL players go, this is a rather random one: Anze Kopitar(notes) of the Los Angeles Kings, urging fans not to text and drive. One, because it's Anze Kopitar. Two, because it's Los Angeles; what else are you supposed to do when you're bumper-to-bumper on the 405?

So what's the deal? Turns out he's a spokesman for Mercury Insurance and its "Don't Text & Drive" pledge. From Fox Sports West:

According to a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Study, texting while driving increases the amount of time one's eyes spend off the road by 400 percent. That coupled with the potentially hazardous driving habits of teens, 30% of whom send over 100 texts per day and are the least experienced drivers on the road, has created the need for Kopi and the Kings to become involved in a worthwhile public safety campaign to broadcast a fairly simple message. Driving while texting is extremely dangerous.

"You just can't do it," Kopitar said at the Kings' El Segundo practice facility last month while appearing with the Kings' video crew and a contingent of Mercury Insurance representatives. He'll appear in an anti-texting PSA during an intermission of Los Angeles' game at San Jose Monday on FOX Sports West.

"I always make sure to send texts before I leave, because you just can't text while driving. It's irresponsible," Kopitar said.

You tell'em, Kopi. For example, we really hope Mike Richards(notes) wasn't driving when he found out via text message he'd been traded to the Kings. That's dangerous, yo.

But we're a little disappointed that this shoot seems to have gone OK, meaning we can't experience the unparalleled joy of the blooper reel. Right Lappy?

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