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Kevin Schultz of FanHouse noticed that we're in the final days of the CBC's "Canada's Hockey Anthem Challenge," which seeks to find a new theme for "Hockey Night in Canada."

Schultz reports that "Hockey Scores," that cacophony of sheep and gunshots, continues to dominate the competition in terms of page views. It's still getting some press, too, even if an alleged entry by Randy Bachman of Guess Who fame has some heat.

All due respect to Logan Aube's immensely creative theme entry -- and really, we're dying to see the reaction from his Something Awful buddies should "Hockey Scores" get snubbed -- but the video below is an entirely different kind of obsessively watchable badness.

Titled "Pride On Hockey Night," we can't even figure out if it's an official entry to the contest. But why would someone go through all that difficult choreography just for a YouTube clip? Follow the words and sing along!

Was anyone else expecting Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara to come dancing into the video at some point?

Wow, that was something. Never before did the otherwise pedestrian hockey terminology "muscle from behind" make us feel so ... not good.

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