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During the second period of the Vancouver Canucks' game at the New York Rangers on Thursday night, Alex Burrows and Marc Staal(notes) jostled in front of the New York goal. Staal gave Burrows a slash on the leg; Burrows offered a calm and measured response, which was to give Staal a two-handed uppercut to the groin with his stick.

See it here, because evidently the ref didn't, as there was no penalty called on Burrows ... just one on Staal for tripping. Jeepers.

"They might have missed the stick to the nether regions ..."

From Bleeding All Blue:

While on the ice Staal slashed at Burrows skates and took Burrows down predictably being the only one to get a call. Have to expect the league to step in and review the play with a suspension for Burrows and his egregious use of his stick as a weapon.

And wait until Ron MacLean gets a hold of this highlight! More fodder for the lowlight reel.

The Rangers won the game 1-0, although at one point Staal believed he was down by two.

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