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BallHype is running a Stanley Cup Playoffs picks contest that is worth your time: You get to pick everything from the winner of each Pittsburgh Penguins/Detroit Red Wings game to individual player achievements to more targeted questions like, "On days when they both play, how many times will the Red Wings outscore the Detroit Tigers?" You can also see where the votes are going; evidently, that Sidney Crosby is quite the assist man. The contest is free, and you don't have to be a BallHype member to join. The winner gets an official autographed New Jersey Devils Zach Parise home jersey, to do with as you see fit -- eBay for some, god-know-what for Rangers fans.

(Sorry if the headline was misleading. You don't actually win Zach Parise ... although I imagine the female readership of BallHype would spike were that the case. You know, just have him come to the house for the day, do some cleaning, maybe have a light dinner. Our friends at Interchangeable Parts alone would have entered about 10,000 times by now.)

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