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As soon as the name Levi Johnston (a.k.a. Bristol Palin's baby daddy) hit the media, scrutiny soon followed; and much of it centered on his high-school hockey career. Reporters did what reporters do: Attempted to find anyone associated with Johnston, to interview them and fill in the blanks about the guy's history. Easiest source: Wasilla High School's boys' ice hockey team, on which Johnston played.

Sadly, this connection has made things rather uncomfortable for the Wasilla Warriors coaches and players. Can't Stop the Bleeding notes that the team's Web site has been stripped of rosters, photos and player information just over a month before practices begin.

The Wasilla hockey site's editor writes: "I am sorry for any photos or information that slipped out to the media before I locked up this information. Once the media tires of Wasilla, I will return the website to its fullest and we can all move forward with the new season." (Geez, what if she's elected?)

Please note the irony in that Wasilla High School's official Web site has a Gov. Sarah Palin photo gallery and is promoting a class trip to Washington, D.C. for election night. And then acknowledge how unfortunate it is that a bunch of hockey players with a tangential at best connection to a national news story (Johnston was being  home-schooled, for goodness sake) were probably fielding phone calls from the National Enquirer.

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