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For the majority of the Puck Daddy readership, it's past lunchtime on a Monday in late July. Which means your productivity is already on the decline. Please allow us to shove it into total apathy with this amazing online time-sucker: The Sporting Store's Hockey Jersey Generator.

We found this via a link on the Colorado Avalanche official boards over the weekend, and it's like crack rock for sweater freaks. The beauty and/or abomination featured here is our attempt at a New Jersey Devils alternate jersey that would be an ode to the Christmas tree sweaters. It would also probably sell like chocolate chip mayonnaise, but that should be of no concern when you're fiddling around on an online hockey sweater generator.

So kiss the loved ones goodbye for a while and prepare to mix, match, paint and upload images until your brain explodes. If any of the artists in the Puck Daddy readership want to send their creations along, hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

UPDATE: Quick note for those visiting The Sporting Store site - if you want to send us an example of your work, please use a screen shot. We've gotten a few emails from people who used our address to request a quote for bulk sales. That's abusing a rather cool system, so please refrain. Thanks.

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