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You don't have to speak French to appreciate the hip-hop style and dope moves of SlamBody; and it probably doesn't matter anyway when the Flo Rida lyrical hook is something super-complicated like "Go/Go Go Go/Go Habs Go/Go." Werd to your mother:

On his YouTube channel, which features enough awkward lip-syncing to put Ashlee Simpson to shame, SlamBody proclaims: "I Am a Comedian Who Makes Stupid Videos and Music Videos." On this point, he will receive no argument. Nice job adding the water gun and the image of a burning police car for street cred. But, for the record: We've listened to Jonathan Roy J.O.E. Daking; we known Jonathan Roy J.O.E. Daking; and you, sir, are no Jonathan Roy J.O.E. Daking.

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