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The NHL’s unemployed free-agent defensemen club

Colin White(notes) made $3 million for the New Jersey Devils last season, the fifth year of a six-year contract worth $18 million. The team gave him a buyout and he ended up inking a 1-year, $1-million deal with the San Jose Sharks and includes a modified no-trade clause.

So that's the market for a 33-year-old defensive defenseman at this point in the offseason.

The free-agent frenzy's a distant memory. Some teams have spent to the cap. Some teams have spent to their budgets. Three have yet to hit the salary floor, according to Cap Geek.

But there are still unemployed defensemen on the market, waiting for that call.

Via Cap Geek, these were the leaders in total ice time among the remaining UFAs:

The NHL’s unemployed free-agent defensemen club

Kevin Allen of USA Today puts McCabe at the top of the available defensemen list, writing:

"The shortage of offensive-minded defensemen makes him more valuable. He can play on the power play and probably can register 10 goals from the blue line."

He made $5.75 million against the cap last season, and $4.15 million in base salary. Again, Colin White just signed for $1 million and a modified NTC; the salaries being sent Bryan McCabe's(notes) way have to be humbling.

Ditto for Scott Hannan(notes), who made $4.5 million last season and is 32 years old. Steve Whyno of the Washington Times offered this update on Hannan and the Washington Capitals:

Scott Hannan never received an offer from the Capitals before July 1 and remains unsigned. His agent, Don Meehan, told The Washington Times in an email that he's still working to secure an NHL deal for the veteran.  As for the possibility of Hannan playing next season for the Caps, Meehan said flatly, "That won't happen."

That Hannan is still available is, frankly, a stunner on Aug. 5. He was an asset for the Capitals last season in some situations, with Kareem from Japers' Rink making the case for Washington to re-sign him.

His legacy for many Caps fans was a really terrible, game-costing line change in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals last season. But he's a veteran leader who was considered one of the better defensive defensemen in hockey as late as last year.

As for Chris Campoli(notes), he's instructing at the All-State All-Canadians Mentorship Camp and waiting for a new deal after the Chicago Blackhawks walked away from his $2.5 million arbitration award. Two weeks ago, there was talk of "multiple teams" hot for him.

Anyone on this list you think would fit your team — for the right price?

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