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The NHL is really making a big deal about this "Super Saturday" where all 30 teams will be in action. I'm sure they want to tire you out before you realize that there are zero games on Sunday

Nonetheless, since Saturday will be a big day for us puckheads, why not spice things up?  If you're going to be watching 15 games between 4 p.m. EDT and 1 a.m. EDT, you need something to make it interesting -- especially if you're caught with some snoozers to watch.

This is where drinking games are really a gift from the heavens. We here at Puck Daddy are fond of beverages both hard and soft, so what better way to celebrate "Super Saturday" than with a good ole fashioned drinking game. 

Stealing a format style that you might have seen on Japers' Rink, allow me to present you with the "Puck Daddy Official Bizonkers* Super Saturday Drinking Game."

Drinking games aren't any fun without interaction, so to help our fellow puck heads enjoy their Saturday night of hockey, please contribute your own additions in the comments.

* "Bizonkers" is copyrighted by Gary Bettman

Player Category - drink:

• Whenever Sidney Crosby(notes) gets booed inside Madison Square Garden, whether he touches the puck or New York Ranger fans believe he "dove."

• When Sean Avery(notes) skates away from a possible fight.

• If your one-mile running time is higher than Steven Stamkos'(notes) time-on-ice.

• For each elbowing penalty on Chris Pronger(notes).

• Each time Jose Theodore's(notes) Hart/Vezina Trophy season (six years ago) is referenced.

• Every time Patrick Kane's(notes) face is shown, and you feel old.

• If either Pittsburgh Penguins announcer screams, "Hail Satan!" during a goal celebration.

• Any mention of the Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks game being "past/present vs. future" or "passing the torch" or "a potential division title game" ... because that's just stupid in 2008.

• Whenever you flip through your Center Ice package and just miss a goal being scored.

• Twice anytime Todd Bertuzzi(notes) gets "that look" in his eye.

Coach Category - drink:

• Whenever Ron Wilson attempts to insert Mats Sundin(notes) mid-game.

• For every Jacques Lemaire-induced nap.

• If Fin the Whale pisses off Craig MacTavish to the point that some body part on the Vancouver Canucks mascot is ripped off.

• Whenever you realize that you actually have no idea who is currently coaching the team you are watching.

• Each time Scott Gordon has the inkling to bring Al Arbour back to close out a win.

• If Brent Sutter is replaced by Lou Lamoriello in the middle of the second period.

• Whenever Michel Therrien puts on his, "How did we get another too many-men penalty?" face

• Twice every time Barry Melrose is caught looking up and down his bench for #99.

Television Category - drink:

• If Sarah Palin comes out to center ice tonight in St. Louis on a Zamboni.

• Anytime Ron McLean mentions his man-crush, Brad Richards(notes).

• If you're unable to describe the color of Don Cherry's jacket.

• At every mention that Marc and Jordan Staal(notes) are indeed brothers.

• Whenever Darren Pang's height or NHL career is mentioned during the Coyotes broadcast.

• Any time a color commentator corrects an obvious mistake he's made by saying, "Well, yeah, it was pretty close. Could go either way, that one."

• Whenever one of Rick Jeanneret's goal calls reaches ear-piercing levels.

• At every stupid thing Mike Milbury says.  You'll be loaded in no time.

• Twice for every Al Strachan trade rumor created on the "Hot Stove" set.  Remember, Vincent Lecavalier demanding a trade?

(Ed. Note: Puck Daddy, of course, in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age in their region and, without a doubt, the operation of an automobile or any machine while under the influence of alcohol. These games are listed for entertainment purposes and we don't take responsibility for any result of their application. To sum it up, don't be a knucklehead and have fun!)

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