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As mentioned in the Puck Headlines, the new season of Jersey Fouls will begin on Tuesday. But some things just can't wait.

Longtime Puck Daddy reader Alex Phlipsak sent over these wedding photos from his marriage to Marissa Skinner in D.C. last week: The groom decked out in a personalized Montreal Canadiens jersey, the bride in her personalized Toronto Maple Leafs sweater. (Alex is currently waiting on a name-change to Skinner.) He said "33" is simply his favorite number and hers is "22"; numerical connections to Patrick Roy and Francois Beauchemin(notes) notwithstanding.

Does he believe the natural tensions between Habs and Leafs fans will make for a happier marriage than, say, a homogenous union between two fans of the same team? "I do, because you always have that back and forth. Let's say you're both die-hard Habs fans, and you're watching the game and they lose ... either way, there's just always something to talk about."

Can this blissful moment, the symbolic image of warring factions laying down arms to embrace a lifetime together, bring Montreal and Toronto fans closer together throughout North America?

"I don't think that'll ever happen," he said.

"It's the best rivalry in sports. I hope they never do come together."

So there you have it: A Habs fan and a Leafs fan, determined to spend the rest of their lives together even after the Mike Komisarek(notes) signing.

We wish the lovely couple good luck, and dread the day in which they must decide in which faction of fandom they will raise the next generation of puckhead, should that day ever come. (And keeping in mind that, in many states, raising a child as a Leafs fan is a form of a child endangerment from a legal perspective.)

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