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Rhino Bar and Pumphouse in Georgetown. To paraphrase General Kenobi, you'll never find a more wretched hive of Eagles fans and affordable adult beverages. Which is probably why members of the Phoenix Coyotes descended on the popular watering hole on Sunday afternoon.

The Coyotes were in town having lost to the Washington Capitals on Saturday night. No doubt seeking to exact their revenge on the good people of D.C., they went from watching the Jets/Colts game to an epic "flip cup" drinking battle against some Georgetown University undergrads.

Little did they know NBC Washington's gossip maven and former Miss DC Kate Michael was in the house to chronicle the fun. (No beer on tap? Aren't these guys Canadian?)

The challenge was accepted, but on one condition. "We don't do beer on tap," quipped one of the toothless titans, "so it'll have to be Miller Lite bottles."

The Coyotes were out to prove they could get a win in Washington. The game goes like this: After chugging a full beer, players attempt to flip an empty plastic cup off the edge of the table so that it stands upright. A failed flip results in another chug, then rebound and repeat.

"This is probably the coolest game I've ever seen put together in this place," Rhino manager Dave Nelson said as the first round began.

Now that's saying something, knowing Rhino Bar. The players in the NBC photo were identified by Coyotes blogger The Yotes Diva as forward Vernon Fiddler(notes), defenseman Jim Vandermeer(notes) and goalie Jason LaBarbara. They were victorious over the Hoyas students ... who promptly called all of their fathers, pooled their inheritance money and purchased the Coyotes from the NHL as retribution.

If nothing else, this fan interaction reinforces that NHL players are the most down-to-earth and awesome amongst pro sports athletes; and then the majority of them will absolutely school you in an organized drinking game. (We hold out hope to one day play quarters with 20 Cent.)

You know who must hate this story of lighthearted adult beverage frivolity that likely won't result in any repercussions within the team or the local media, such as it is in Phoenix? Mike Richards.

UPDATE: Dogged journalists that we are, Puck Daddy reached out to the Coyotes for comment. A team spokesman responded: "As a team event on an off-day, players, management, and coaches went to watch the football game as a group. We came as a group and left as a group. Beyond that there is really nothing to report." Awesome.

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