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Verizon Center in D.C. is considered by some to be the epicenter for fans placing photos of rival players next to men's room urinal cakes. But Staples Center in Los Angeles has experienced its own steady stream, with Anaheim Ducks players the victims in the past.

The Royal Half reports that some enterprising Los Angeles Kings fan decided to once again turn the porcelain spotlight on Sidney Crosby(notes) during last night's 5-2 Kings victory over the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins:

Allusion to diving? Check. Infant iconography? Check. We're always amazed at the level of intense thought that goes into something as frivolous as this; the notion that this guy and D.C.'s infamous propagator of "Pee-Pics" actually take the time to laminate their creations is as laudable as it is disturbing.

(This bicoastal work couldn't be from the same steady hand, could it? Jokes about diving and crying just seem beneath the comic genius that gave the world "I'm Thirsty" at a Washington Capitals home game.)

We're probably not alone in saying that Crosby's performance in the playoffs last season impressed the hell out of us, not only from a numbers perspective but with his toughness in going to the net. Despite that, the mold for mockery has been cast for NHL fans and old memes die hard; perhaps that's why some in the Pittsburgh media are calling for a rebranding of Crosby's nickname.

He may have been golden last night in LA, but he gave Penguins fans the silver last summer -- as The Royal Half was reminded after the Kings' win:

As we exited the Staples Center he said to us... "it's not like the Penguins aren't going to make the playoffs." And as we stood on a street corner with Pens fans, decked out in Penguin wear, a car drove by and said "Screw Pittsburgh!" When I repeated what the car had screamed out... one of the Pens fans looked at me and said "I couldn't hear him because our Stanley Cup rings are clogging my ears." I smiled at the dude and had the horrible pangs of jealousy fill my body. Goddamn I hope I can use that line one day.

Hey, stealing jokes from Patrick Roy isn't a sign of greatness. Finding Anze Kopitar's(notes) face circling a urinal drain ... now that's when you've arrived.

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