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The first superhero in the Stan Lee/NHL collaboration called "The Guardian Project" was revealed before the Winter Classic today: Penguin, the costumed hero representing the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As you can see, he has a magnetized suit that has super maneuverability and the ability to shoot ice missiles. But he should in no way remind you of Cyclops of the X-Men, another Stan Lee creation. No sir, not at all. Any similarities between two Caucasian gentlemen wearing black and yellow with a glowing visor is totally coincidental.

That said, we're looking forward to the Nashville Predator, with his retractable claws and adamantium skeleton ...

Check out the full reveal of the Penguin Guardian on VERSUS.com. We hear the Guardians might be in the flesh at the NHL All-Star Game this month in Carolina. Sounds like a Puck Daddy Mini-Doc if there ever was one.

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