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If nothing else, our Sidney Crosby(notes) Golden Roar reader art contest has confirmed one of our long-held suspicions: That every classic image in sports history would be improved by the presence of Norwegian curling pants.

Earlier this week we announced the latest Puck Daddy reader art competition, in which Sid the Kid's iconic Olympic moment -- after scoring the game-winning overtime goal to win the gold medal over the U.S. -- would be properly celebrated by your sick, twisted minds. The results have been startlingly impressive: Of the hundred or so entries sent to the PD inbox, the levels of ingenuity and immaturity may have surpassed any other contest we've held. And the bar is rather high.

For example: Reader "LW3H" and his discovery that "Crosby's apparently spontaneous celebration was revealed to be yet another cold, cynical marketing opportunity" by taking on the form of the Vancouver Winter Olympic logo.

So continues the next great Puck Daddy reader art contest: The Sidney Crosby Golden Roar gallery. Our friend Bangin Panger offers a "clean slate" version of the roar, but there are plenty of other photos out there.

The prizes for this one are being finalized, and we imagine that three winners will be able to choose which ones they'd like to receive for their efforts. We can tell you that one of the prizes will, in fact, be a VIKINGSTAD! shirt from Pucking Hilarious, which is always a good thing to have in your wardrobe. You know, in case of an unscheduled pillaging.

Deadline for submissions will be next Wednesday, March 10, at noon EST. Email your entries to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

And now, the first gallery of entries in our Sidney Crosby Golden Roar reader art contest. Grab the guns and hide the children ...

And here ... we ... go.

We received many, many images of the Pittsburgh Penguins captain in his classic post-goal pose in which the artist simply had -- and please excuse the crass nature of the following description, as it's never our intention to offend mannered sensibilities with uncouth verbiage -- things falling out of his butt.

This effort by Kelly R. was one of the most creative (and publishable!) in that genre. This celebration was going perfectly until Veruca Salt attempted to steal Sidney Crosby, before being jettisoned down the "bad egg" chute with her father.

Puck Buddy Mike S. presents one of the best in the first batch, as Sidney defends the elderly from attacks by 70-pound Dominican pitchers.

There were many readers who found Crosby's guttural roar reminiscent of a legendary warrior. Bangin' Panger captured that in one of the first submissions, in which Crosby fights side by side with Maximus Decimus Meridius for Rome's honor.

Meanwhile, Travis H. presents him in Frank Frazetta's "Moon Men," which makes us hope that the full pulp graphic novel "Sidney Crosby of Mars" could be on its way to Borders.

Often times, we receive complaints that Crosby takes hits on this blog while Alex Ovechkin(notes) is coddled. Puck Buddy and art contest veteran Walter Sobchak attempts to quiet those complaints with this inspired submission. Because, in the end, we all just wanted to see the Russians lose. OK, maybe Dmitry didn't...


Then again, we'll freely admit that a good Sidney Crosby diving joke will always make us giggle, no matter how outdated or immaterial the reference might be in 2010. Thanks to Adam S. for the image.

Croszilla terrorizes cities around the world, via Matt from NY. Over/under on the amount of time before we receive the accompanying Evgeni Malkin(notes)/Mothra mash-up?

Some of you felt that Crosby's roar contorted his face into something rather equine in nature, and Photoshopped it accordingly as readers Paul M. and "false" did.

Just goes to show how far hockey still has to go: A-Rod gets depicted as a minotaur, while Crosby is a braying jackass. Sad, really.

The Muppets make us laugh. So did this lookalike entry from Frank S.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. And yet still such a MONSTER entry. Thanks to Puck Buddy Mohit.

One of our favorite aspects of the Puck Daddy reader art contests to see how you folks reference previous contests. So we've been inundated with callbacks to Gloating Bruins Fan, which is fine. But not as fine as Crosby as Bob Ross, creating the Bettman "Go For It, Jews" classic through the glory of Microsoft Paint. (Thanks to Jason J.)

(Ed. Note: The Bettman art contest was held in July 2008, and we're honored to say the blog has grown a bit since then. "Go For It, Jews" was one of the most popular submissions we've ever had in a contest; read up on it if you're unaware of it.)

Total suckers from old-school video game references. Like Sid-Man from John B., in which Crosby appears fixed on the ghost wearing Flyers colors ...

... and the obligatory Mortal Kombat callback from Matt K., even if it means the death of our beloved Scorpion ...

... and, perhaps best of all: Sidney Crosby in Rampage, via Josh E., in which Sid and Eric Godard(notes) destroy a city block and eat people.

In which Crosby completes the hat trick: Stanley Cup, gold medal and winner of the Ohio glee club sectionals for William McKinley High School in Lima. (Thanks to Jules.)

And finally ...

Puck Daddy art contest veteran Kyle L. with what many consider to be the clubhouse leader entering the second gallery of the competition. Ingenious, well executed ... and yet demerits for no cigars or booze. So the contest is still wide open, like Sidney after dropping a golden egg.

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