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With the NHL's new All-Star game format having sucked much of the fun out of the fan voting process by eliminating the concept of "starters," the write-in candidates remain a point of entertainment and intrigue.

Carey Price(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens (209,025 votes) and Kris Letang(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins (210,807) were both likely headed to the All-Star game anyway, but the write-in campaigns that have propelled them to the top of their positional rankings are really impressive.

Ditto those of Claude Giroux(notes) (ninth at forward; 147,993) and Sergei Bobrovsky(notes) (second in goal; 169,680) of the Philadelphia Flyers, and P.K. Subban(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens (sixth; 127,112) on defense.

And then there's Sean Avery(notes).

The New York Rangers' pest had 64,450 write-in votes as of this week's reported totals.

That's more than write-in candidates Alex Semin of the Washington Capitals (62,611) and Patrick Sharp(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks (61,711). And it's well ahead of fellow goof candidate and long-shot write-in Paul Bissonnette(notes) (14,910).

The Avery campaign continues to get some recognition in New York, most recently from The Journal News.

But in Sweden? It's headline news:

Via The New York Rangers Blog, which is leading the charge on the Avery campaign, Uffe Bodin of hockeysverige.se took notice of an All-Star voting indignation for two Swedish NHL stars (translated):

Even worse, it is for twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin(notes). Despite scientific progress during the season, and Henrik Sedin are the NHL's reigning king of points, they are placed on the 23th (Henry) and 24th place (Daniel) -- with a player like Sean Avery in front of him.


Can Avery make the All-Star game? Like we said in our ASG Election Guide: "Electing Avery to the All-Star game is like inviting two girls to the same party just to see if there's a catfight. He's the turd in the NHL's punch bowl. Rangers fans are a formidable fan base, and this is an effort that could attract others for its anarchistic appeal."

That said, there are STDs that have higher approval ratings than Sean Avery in different corners of the hockey world. New York fans and defiant puckheads might be able to keep Avery in the hunt, but we can't see this thing getting to Vote For Rory levels.

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