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Miroslav Satan(notes), 36, has signed with Dynamo Moscow of the KHL for the remainder of the season, according to his agent Alan Walsh. Which is of course a bummer for any NHL fan that considers the Satan Shuffle to be one of the best goal celebrations in recent memory.

Satan played quite well (14 points) in 38 regular season games for the Boston Bruins in 2009-10, and then posted 10 points in 13 postseason games.

Why wasn't that enough to garner an NHL contract? Actually, it was, according to Walsh: Three NHL teams made what he called "bona fide" offers for Satan during the season but none were offers that Satan considered satisfactory. Finally, he opted for the KHL.

CSN New England called this "a move that likely signifies the door closing on the Slovakian winger's NHL career," but Walsh denied that was the case, saying Satan could return to the League in 2011-12.

Then again, with the KHL, there's always the chance for portability. All Satan would need is an NHL team convinced they require his services and offering the right deal as the playoff roster freeze approaches to potentially head back to North American for the postseason. As players like Evgeni Nabokov(notes) and Kyle Wellwood(notes) have shown, the NHL is just one terminated contract away (assuming someone wants to sign you, that is).

Hopefully this isn't the end for the man who is No. '666' in the Yahoo! player pages.

(By the way: Pizzo and I play something called "The Jersey Game" on Puck Daddy Radio in which you say a player's name and then say what sweater you immediately picture him in. Hence, Satan is a Buffalo Sabres forward here. Do you concur?)

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