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We'll excuse the irony of Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller(notes) ranting about the lethargic evils of modern digital communication on his blog, because what else was he supposed to do: Call us all individually?

Here's Ryan Miller, wondering what happened to people just, like, talking to each other:

I was wondering recently how Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and all the other stalker enabling websites have taken over the world (I'm being facetious... I know how much people love their websites but admit it, you find yourself creeping through profiles).

I understand how it can be addicting to post but I like the fact that my friends, family or complete strangers don't always know what I am doing or where I am with GPS accuracy... That way they call me and ask about what I am doing and we talk.

Text has become acceptable. I like text messaging but even texts have cut off our ability to hold a conversation with another human being. I want to slap myself when I send some texts because I know it was a lazy, half-assed attempt at being social.

Agreed. Text messaging and Twitter are great and all, but they certainly don't hold a candle to two guys insulting each other''s mothers face-to-face.

If you'd like to be social with Ryan Miller, he writes that he'll be "the grand marshal at the Crown Royal 200 on Friday, Aug. 7 at Watkins Glen," before heading to Team USA Olympic orientation camp in the hopes of preventing Tim Thomas(notes) from stealing his gig.

[Stick tap to Die By The Blade, without whom we'd never have guessed Miller was still updating his blog.]

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