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Please recall that we are the proud sponsors of Chris Pronger's page on Hockey-Reference.com. With great sponsorship comes great responsibility, as we're tasked with creating the official slogan that will appear above his statistics for the next year. The current page reads: "Chris Pronger: A suspension waiting to happen."

This is a B-minus effort; we're looking for an A-plus. So last week we asked you to provide the snarky tribute to the Anaheim Ducks defenseman, and received some absolute comedy gold:

• "When authorities take away your right to elbow, don't forget that you have stomping options."
• "This page brought to you by FCP Crib Burning Services LTD. Burning athlete's crib's since '06."
• "Lauren Pronger: The Pants of the Relationship "
• "That other guy from the Lidstrom era."
• "Chris Pronger: Plays the way Jagr looks in a dress."

Much like 100 hockey announcers chained together at the bottom of the ocean, we consider this to be a good start. Keep the submissions coming through Friday in the comments section here or on the original blog post. Keep it PG-13, but more importantly keep it under 255 characters (not words ... characters).

Thanks again to the puckheads who have contributed so far to our celebration of Chris Pronger, his sportsmanship and his legacy. What we're looking for is the eloquent, thoughtful, literary version of the following clip:

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