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One of the reasons "Slap Shot" remains endearing 34 years after it hit theaters are the stories behind the story, from that Bruce Boudreau cameo to the origins of Ogie Ogilthorpe. (He was inspired by WHA player "Goldie" Goldthorpe).

Add another tale to the legends, as one the film's largest props is up for sale: The 1967 Lincoln Continental that carried Paul Newman during the Charlestown Chiefs' victory parade.

Reggie Dunlop sat here: Car from ‘Slap Shot’ parade for sale

The car belongs to 95-year-old Karl Scott, Jr., who is a resident of a senior living facility in Johnstown — a Western Pa. city whose Johnstown Jets inspired the Chiefs, and where the movie was partially filmed. He told the Tribune-Democrat that he doesn't have much use for it, so he's put it on the market.

From the Tribune-Democrat, via the AP:

The model is a hit with collectors because of the so-called "suicide doors" which swing open in opposite directions on both sides of the four-door vehicle, and Scott is hoping the car's cameo appearance in the film will increase interest in the vehicle.

Scott, a retired grocer from Ferndale, wants $18,000 for the car, which has only 84,000 miles on it.

Only 18 grand for the chance to sit where Reggie Dunlop sat? Hell, the NHL should buy it and have Bettman drive out with the Cup every year at the end of the Final. (Bill Daly can wear the fur coat.)

We imagine someone will step up and purchase this thing; then we'll all be left to wonder, "Who own da car?"

(Another reason "Slap Shot" endures: The stuff you find in every viewing. Or are we the only ones that just noticed "Deep Throat" was playing at the theater behind Reg and the Chiefs?)

s/t Kevin Zimmerman for the story.

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