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To help celebrate this season of ravenous craving and financial splurging, Puck Daddy presents its list of quirky luxury items for the hockey fan that has everything. Any suggestions? E-mail us, please.

What: "Slap Shot" replica jerseys
Price: $99.99-$149.99 via Slap-shot.com and Madbros.com

Charlestown Chiefs jerseys aren't exactly a rarity; visit enough hockey arenas, and you're bound to see someone proudly wearing the iconic sweater from the classic comedy "Slap Shot." And it might even be a fan instead of a Hanson Brother signing autographs between periods!

But the Syracuse Bulldogs? The Long Island Ducks? Now you're talking a level of admirable "Slap Shot" fanaticism.

Slap-Shot.com has both jerseys for sale in a variety of sizes. The Syracuse sweater comes stitched with either Ogie Ogilthorpe's No. 2 or Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken's No. 9; the Long Island one has Hanrahan's No. 1 on it, and is signed by his wife and her girlfriend (kidding).

Mad Bros. offers those jerseys and many, many more on its "Slap Shot" page. The Syracuse team has a full menagerie of players covered. The site also offers Hyannisport Presidents jerseys for sale; personalized for $119.99.

Not to give away all of our good ideas, but have any Washington Capitals fans considered investing in a Boudreau No. 7 Presidents' jersey yet?

Puckhead Holiday Wish List 2008:
Bobby Orr Power Play pinball game
Two-foot Stanley Cup replica

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