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Puckhead Forum is a weekend feature that spotlights the rants, raves and stunning insight from the Puck Daddy readership. If you have some story to tell or something on which to opine, or just want to explain reason No. 71,522 why the NHL needs to change its current overtime format, hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Thanks again for reading and participating.

One of the aims of Puckhead Forum is to go beyond the typical rants and raves to offer the Puck Daddy readership an opportunity for the kind of boundless creativity that made our Gary Bettman and Create-a-Card contests so much damn fun.

So we were quite pleased when reader Dollie hit us with images from a hockey-centric Easter art project that was summarily dismissed despite its brilliance by a major metropolitan newspaper. Dollie, a blogger on Hockey Girls, explains:

I've been dissed by the Washington Post's annual Easter Peeps diorama contest. As a DC-area resident, and one of hockey's great journalists, I'm sure you'll be very concerned. I, and rabid Capitals fan Mike Dudolevitch, lovingly crafted what we consider a kickass depiction of Washington routing Pittsburgh at the Verizon Center in peeps form.

Through some glitch (or appallingly bad taste), we've been passed over for 2009's Top 40 entries. I can understand Top 10, but Top 40? Maybe it's an anti-hockey grudge amongst the Post's style editors, but I don't feel it's false confidence to find our diorama superior to many of the 40 touted entries. At the very least we hope you enjoy it and maybe feel moved to share it with your readers.

Indeed we were, and indeed we have. Coming up, more images of the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins in Peeps form, as well as a Winter Classic rant and a stunning Easter miracle from a Chicago Blackhawks fan.

Here are two other images from Dollie's Peeps project:

First off, the "Crosby's Crispy" sign is absolute brilliance. Not only because it captures the overwhelming artistic obsession of Capitals fans in regards to Sidney Crosby, but because the ultimate putdown for any Peep is that it has in fact reached a point of crispy inedibility.

Demerits, however, for the Bruce Boudreau Peep on the bench. Perhaps it was against the rules of the contest, but how is that man not a Cadbury Egg, exactly?

Reimagining the Penguins' logo as a Peep is quite cool. But what's with Peep Alexander Semin's ear? Looks like someone went Tyson/Holyfield on it. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood marshmallow ...

Next up, Puck Buddy "goaltender41" offers some thoughts on the Winter Classic at Fenway and beyond:

RE: Winter Classic, 2010.

Boston-Philly is the best matchup, as far as a long-term rivalry ... But AO in Fenway would be epic. For those who haven't been inside Fenway, it must be noted how much better this stadium has gotten since the TV-Type ownership has taken over. The field itself is one of the finest on the continent, and the camera angles from baseball will make it terrific theater on TV.

Wonder how they'll orient the rink? They may do well to have it NOT follow a straight-thru-the bases; make it off-center on purpose, as it were.

Did someone say too bad no Canadian team? Toronto and Montreal (and OTT, CAL as well) will NOT give up the right to host, so don't invite them. Vancouver has that Olympic thing next year, so they're all set for now.

RE: Winter Classics 2011 hence.

Have a Winter Classic doubleheader, and go East/West beginning in 2011. Toronto hosts Phoenix (bring Gretzky home), and St. Louis can host Washington. In 2012, Calgary should get a chance, because they'll have a big, enthusiastic crowd, and the right daytime weather. Bring in Stamkos and the Lightning, or whomever is "hot" out of the Southeast conference. The New York Rangers then host Los Angeles (or San Jose if they're "hotter") in a NIGHT game. Can you imagine the blimp shots of the New York?

If the world does not end in 2012, Ottawa can host the early game (again the weather in Canada IS a plus) in 2013. The HOST team has to be cold-weather, but in the West, we now have Minnesota, which will be a great host, of course, and Columbus if they continue this year's good work. There's always been Colorado, which is dry enough to manage conditions, and has a TON of great weather to capitalize on.

The VISITING team can be add-libbed, 8-or-so months ahead of time, depending on who's (again) "hot," taking into account not only competitiveness in the preceding year, but who's gone where in the draft classes of 2010, '11 and '12.

This thing can be "all kind of picturesque," but the individuals are what's going to keep this event going.

Finally, reader "herecomethehawks" hit us with an email that simply stated that he had experienced "an Easter miracle." It appears someone (THE EASTER BUNNY?!?!?) left him a crudely drawn anti-Detroit Red Wings logo and then pimped the Blackhawks on an egg. From HCTH:

"So I was hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard and what did I find left amongst the budding tulips? John McDonough strikes again. What's next? The Tooth Fairy leaving 300 level tickets under pillows for molars?"

Or perhaps Santa Claus bringing premature hubris to Blackhawks fans ... wait, what? They already have several tons of that? Well, I hope there's a receipt in the box.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the forum. Future participants, please hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com with rants, raves, art and anything else you want to see featured here.

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