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The Chicago Auto Show opens to the public this Friday, but members of the media were given a preview of the hottest new cars today. These auto shows always have special customized or futuristic-looking cars to get some PR buzz and the people at RealWheels successfully did that today with their Chicago Blackhawks-themed Camaro:

Joe Bruzek at Kicking Tires, the online blog for Cars.com sums up the excitement upon seeing this 'Hawks-mobile:

"If there’s one way to please us Chicagoans, it’s to plaster an awesome car with our favorite sports team that’s currently not sucking (another awesome shootout win last night)."

The Camaro isn't for sale, but will be auctioned off during the show to one lucky attendee. RealWheels also created the “Cheap Trick: Dream Police” (can't help but think of this when hearing that song) Chevy Avalanche and “Maui Jim” cool shades Camaro for the show.

From the Indian head logo (Commit!) inside the hockey-stripe to the logos on the head rests and console, it's not quite the New York Yankees Mustang, but nothing a Blackhawks FatHead couldn't spice up, right? 

Stick-tap to former Y! Sports family member Eamonn Brennan, now at ESPN, for passing this along

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